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Maintenance Tips for Your New Amizade Hair

1. When installing and removing, consult a professional beautician
2. Always comb from the bottom and work your way up to prevent unnecessary tangling
3. Use a large tooth comb or fingers when wet to detangle
4. To maintain curly hair, apply a light gel or mousse
5. Protect hair when sleeping with a satin bonnet or silk scarf/pillowcase
6. Detangle from end to root before shampooing
7. Shampoo hair with a mild shampoo and condition immediately after
8. Make sure to deep condition hair after processing or dying your virgin hair
9. Do not vigorously shampoo or rub hair together. This will cause the hair to frizz
10. Remove excess water by patting with a terry cloth towel
11. Let hair air dry ( preferred method) or sit under a hooded dryer

You’ve purchased top quality virgin hair; treat it as your own!